Black Panther Mask Pendant Necklace

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The mask that controls an arsenal, and a nation.

Black Panther's mask -- like his costume -- is not only a ceremonial vestment, it's a technological marvel lined with responsive micro-circuitry and an impervious Vibranium weave.

And that micro-circuitry? It accepts direct mental commands processed through the cowl, activating advanced armor functionality like force fields, invisibility, and debilitating EMP bursts.

So, the cowl represents royalty, and controls many helpful features residing in T'Challa's nearly invulnerable super-suit.

Looking for something similar considering the real thing resides in a non-existent super-nation?

Our Black Panther Mask Metal Pendant is the perfect, movie-accurate representation of T'Challa's very important cat-cowl.

Yep, this solid metal Black Panther pendant plays all the notes with carefully engraved line work representing tribal aesthetics and flexible armor plating.

It also takes control of electronic devices, arbitrarily drains your car battery, and commands armies to conquer your basement in Wakanda's name.