Black Panther Wakanda Warrior Hoodie

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In Wakanda, being a warrior is simply understood.

Calling a Wakandan "warrior" is like calling water "wet"-- it just is, and has been since, well, forever.

Yes, each and every Wakandan -- although ridiculously brilliant and technologically fluent -- is taught the ways of the warrior. 

Why? Because every Wakandan who's ever ventured to the outside world is aware of one terrifying truth -- peopled are jealous and people are cruel. And jealous people -- cruel people -- tend to destroy the wonders they can't own.

So, like all Wakandans, you're trained to protect Wakanda -- and you're trained to protect it when the temperature drops to an unbearably cold 85°.

Thankfully, our Black Panther Movie Wakanda Warrior Men's Hoodie is perfect for late-night military excursions to Wakanda's imperiled borders.

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this soft and thick Black Panther hoodie features an angular, encircled Panther head/helm with the words "WAKANDA" and "WARRIOR" filling the circle's borders.