Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil Monster Baseball Cap

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Wait, "The Joker's Favor?"

Is our Harley Quinn The Joker Favor Baseball Cap missing a few key letters in the skillfully embroidered proclamation residing on the hat's flat-white facade?

I mean, shouldn't "favor" be combined with "ite"?

Perhaps this Harley Quinn hat's finely rendered script refers to Harley as Joker's personal party favor. No? Not a fan?

How about this: The Joker did Harley a favor by dropping her into that vat of ACE chemicals, freeing her from the dogged, daily, meaningless grind through gloriously emancipating psychosis??

Whatever the reasoning -- through egregious factory errors or veiled character motivations -- this Harley Quinn cap features black embroidery outlined in red, stating "THE JOKER'S FAVOR."