Thanos Infinity Power Ring

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A Ring that nearly killed The Avengers.

You didn't mean it, but it happened -- you stubbed your toe on the lawnmower, clutched your Infinity War Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Ring, and cursed The Avengers for failing to save your comic collection during the "Battle of New York."

Because your Infinity Gauntlet Ring-- a detailed and diminutive replica of Thanos' mighty gauntlet  -- possesses the power of realty-bending Infinity Stones, The Avengers were abruptly teleported to the moon.

Because that's what very empathic, reactionary, and reality-altering stones do: they make your dark and hidden aspirations painfully real.

Made from a shiny and gold-colored metal, this Infinity Gauntlet Ring features intricate and simulated gauntlet mechanics affixed with softly colored and enamel Infinity Stones.